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Quick Bio - Elliott P Hall: Brew Life & Biz

Quick Bio

Hey y’all, Elliott Hall. And I grew up in the Greater Atlanta area (about 30 minutes south of the city). In my early teens, I moved to Lake Oconee in Greene County Georgia. Throughout my younger years and during college I worked for my family’s construction company. Working for them and learning from my family is where I developed a passion & pride in building something that didn’t exist before (something tangible at the end of a hard day’s work). From an early age I enjoyed learning and asking questions about the world, complex or simple I like to learn (never stop questioning and being curious). I’ve grown that into a drive and ambition for creating new things. I got my bachelor’s degree from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. This is where my education in alcohol really began to take shape (haha).

After graduating from college I moved home to Atlanta, GA and haven’t left since. I quickly accepted a job with United Distributors as an alcohol sale rep. I learned so much working for them especially on the business and sales side of the alcohol and craft beer industry. During this time is when I grew my passion for craft beer. My father was a home-brewer when I was a child and that was my first experience with home brewing and the overall process. In my early twenties (while working at the distributor) I reignited those experiences and became an avid home-brewer and taught myself a lot about the craft beer industry overall.

While working at the distributor I learned as much as I could about the craft beer industry and then supplemented that knowledge by reading as much as I could about the beer industry, attending beer festivals, home-brewing beer, visiting breweries, and talking with everyone I could who was involved in the craft beer world. A few years ago, I left United Distributors to help co-found and manage a brewery in West Georgia and worked there for a couple of years. Most recently I opened a brewery in Atlanta, GA called Fire Maker Brewing. Check out our website and keep up-to-date here.

The craft beer industry is a great world to be a part of and I always like meeting new people and talking about the different things going on with the local beer scenes and around the world. This is my personal website where I post about different things going on in the craft beer world, business in general, and other experiences I might have. Enjoy the site, and please subscribe.