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scofflaw brewing co. beer

I recently visited one of Atlanta’s newest breweries… Scofflaw Brewing Co.

Only a few years ago there was maybe half a dozen breweries or brew pubs in Atlanta. Today, we are lucky to have a growing brewing industry in the Greater Atlanta Area, and Georgia at large. One of the newer breweries in Atlanta is Scofflaw Brewing Co. I’d been hearing good things for a couple of months, and finally got to check them out a few weeks ago. In a couple words… Fantastic IPAs (and everything else).

Scofflaw Brewing Co.

Scofflaw Brewing Co. was founded by by Matt Shirah and Travis Herman.

Shirah and Herman spent two years developing their recipes. They began distributing into the Atlanta market in the summer of 2016. Shortly after that, in September, they opened their Tap Room. The brewery has a very open floor plan. When you first walk in you immediately see the wide open space of the warehouse. Nothing is hidden by walls or sectioned off. It’s pretty neat to be able to see everything in it’s entirety, from the brew house to the Tap Room. The brew house is a 20bbl system and you can tell with the way they laid out the rest of the tanks they planned ahead for expansion.

Scofflaw Brewing Co.Scofflaw Brewing Co.The Tasting Room & Beers…

The tasting room is pretty cool. It’s in the middle of the brewery with community tables and seating. A large black chain link fence separates patrons from the rest of the brewery production area. It really ties in well with the industrial feel and look of the warehouse. The cool thing about the chain link fence is it does not block you from being able to see the rest of their space. On the other side of the tasting room is a few industrial size garage doors that roll up and offer a view into their parking lot. I went on a sunny 70 degree January day in Georgia, so the doors were up and it felt amazing outside.

I tried nearly all the beers they had to offer, but the ones I made note of to mention in this post were the Hooligan IPA, Dog Basement IPA, and the Interrogation Stout. Even though it was 70 degrees… it’s still technically winter in Georgia so I got a couple helpings of the Interrogation Stout. If you’re looking for a new brewery to check out in Atlanta with several unique IPAs then definitely plan a visit to Scofflaw Brewing Co. You can visit their website here.

scofflaw brewing co. beer

Post Work Friday IPA

– Drink Up, SlyePup

If you’ve got a brewery suggestion or beer I should post about please let me know. Thanks!

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