Printer’s Ale Update – Miscellaneous

Super quick Printer’s Ale Update

As you are all aware the Holidays are in full swing. This is Printer’s last official day open before we start our long weekend, and even though it has been a shorter week we have been busy! So I’m going to make a very quick update and will make a more detailed post about what is going on, hopefully, next week.

  • Been doing a lot in the tasting room. Nick and Tim (our 2 newest employees) have been working hard putting it together. We have finished up most of the bathrooms and built the bar structure.
  • Fruition came back out and worked on the Brew House piping and the transfer piping adjustments
  • Cold Storage is still underway
  • Our Kegs arrived
  • We’ve been working on brewery safety protocol
  • Hopefully will be getting our draft wall install soon
  • Got our first branding mock-ups to look over!
  • The boiler is almost completely installed

There’s a lot more, but like I said this was going to be short.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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