Printer’s Ale Update – Miscellaneous

Printer's Ale Update

Not quite as exciting as standing up tanks, but still important work that needs to be done when building a brewery.

So last week standing up the tanks was monumental for us. It was great for morale, especially since we did it ourselves, and for everyone around us who has been excitedly¬†waiting to see something that resembles a brewery. Seeing your family and friends get excited about the brewery updates is one of the best parts of this endeavour. That being said, they are all ready to try some beer! And trust me, there is not a Printer’s Ale employee who isn’t ready for the same.

Here’s a few other things going on a Printer’s Ale

  • Talking with Distributors: In the state of Georgia, you need a distributor to sell your beer to any account. So you need¬†to reach out to a few and see who you would like to partner with, based on your goals and the distributors.
  • We finished the floors: It took a little longer than we thought but we are finished with the floors in the production room.
  • Hiring: We are interview candidates for an Assitant Brewery Position and I just posted a Sales Rep position today.
  • Tasting Room Plumbing: Doing some work in the tasting rooms future bathrooms and bar area today.
  • Tap Handles: We’ve been going over concepts for our future tap handles
  • Install: Now that we have the tanks up I’m coordinating with all the Sub-contractors to help with the brewery build-out. Glycol, Brewhouse Build, Contol Panels, Boiler, etc…
  • Draft Wall: Going over the last details for our draft wall.
  • Cold Storage: This is the next big project. We are going to do this ourselves instead of buying a cold storage room so hopefully, I’ll have a really cool post about it soon.
  • Pilot: Brian (Head Brewer) is going to be working on getting this set up very soon!
  • And a whole lot more!

This doesn’t begin to even cover everything that is going on. We are all working very hard, and if we stay on track we should hit the December 2016 opening goal!


Floors are completely finished


Moving bathroom drains


Building bathroom Walls

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Printer's Ale Update

Moving Bar Drain

– Work Hard, SlyePup



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