I Got Published on Brewstuds

I got published on Brew Studs

Yesterday I was published on wearebrewstuds.com

Every since I was young I’ve always enjoyed writing. Over the years it has been a mild hobby I’ve always enjoyed. Over the past year, I have been trying to grow my knowledge in various areas and writing has been a way to do that, largely through this personal blog. As my passion for this grew I looked for ways to improve my writing and be challenged more in my writing abilities (or at least held more accountable for grammar haha). So long story short I reached out to a few beer news sites and after a few topic ideas and a few revision I had my first article published last night! Feels pretty good to see so many people sharing my article.

You can read that article here.

Seven Märzens: The Beer That Made Oktoberfest Famous Ist Gut Throughout Fall

– Work Hard, SlyePup

P.S. Thanks to Jeremy at Brewstuds for all the help.

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