I got engaged!

This past weekend I asked my long-term girlfriend Gillon to marry me and she said yes! So for any friends or family who may be reading this… whoever had 7 years and 4 months just got a big payout in the “when will they?” pool. My family has some property in the woods on Lake Oconee and I spent a lot of time working out there when I was a teenager, one of the things I built was a small cabin. This place is special to me from my youth and it’s special to Gil because it was our first trip away together 7 years ago. So I knew it would be a meaningful spot. Years ago I planted the idea of building a swing on the property with her, knowing it would be a good place to eventually propose. We worked hard all day on the swing building it together, like the life we have been building and will continue to do. After we finished we grabbed a couple of brews and watched the sunset which is when I asked her (she never saw it coming) and she said yes. We named it the “Fowler (her last name) Sunset Swing” since she won’t be a Fowler much longer.

Fowler Swing from front Gil & I

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