Nashville, TN – Thanksgiving 2015

Fun Times in Nashville! What a trip! My Dad, Mom, Girlfriend Gillon, Jincey (my sister), her boyfriend (Ryan), and myself all went to TN for Thanksgiving. My Dad and I came through Nashville for a couple nights over the summer on our Brewery and Baseball road trip (we toured minor league ball clubs and drank at local breweries, Pretty fun!). We enjoyed the town so much that we decided to bring the family back for Thanksgiving. Definitely┬ánot your traditional holiday but it was a blast. we listened to music at the Grand Ole Opry, went to the Country Music Hall of Fame (my girlfriend’s family is big country music lovers so she really enjoyed that), drank and shopped on river street, me and my girlfriend got up early and jogged through the empty city (real cool), rode bikes to the Parthenon Replica (built in the 1890s). All in all we had a great time. Posting a few pics for you all to see.

Broadway St. country music hall of fame albums Grand Ole Opry Nashville Parthenon Waterfront

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