Beer Across America Review (Beer of the Month Club)

Beer Across America Review – 2 Months In

So as you all know by now, my wife and I are big into trying new craft beers. Well, this past year for Christmas she got me a membership to a beer of the month club through Beer Across America. Every month, I get a 12 pack of beers shipped directly to my home. Each 12 pack includes beers from 2 different breweries and then 2 different beers from each brewery. Essentially, a split-divided 6-pack from each brewery. So far I’m very happy with the membership. I’m in the industry and truly enjoy trying new beers, but even I fall into the habit of grabbing the same craft beer from the store every now and then. With Beer Across America, I get to enjoy beers that are from all over America, not just what my local shop offers. I also enjoy how you get to try 2 different beers from each brewery so you get an idea of their beer range. Also, each package comes with a print out going over the beers and a description of the brewery (see pics below).

If you have someone in your life, who enjoys craft beers and is always talking about trying new beers, then I would highly recommend this gift. It fits perfect into what I enjoy doing and it truly is a gift that keeps on giving all year, and you will remember the person who shared it with you. If you want to learn more about the Beer Across America Beer of the Month Club then you can find their website here.

Here is some pics of the beers I’ve received┬áso far.

– Drink Up, SlyePup

*Thanks again Gillon, awesome gift!


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