Austin Brewery Trip

The wife and I were fortunate to get to go check out some great breweries during our Austin Brewery Trip last month!

A few months ago Gillon and I were trying to decide where to go for a winter trip. We have a bunch of cool brewery centric cities we would like to see and this time we choose Austin, TX. I’m so glad we did the trip was a blast. We were there for 6 days and really made the most of each moment. We saw tons of breweries, explored the cities, saw the landmarks, ate delicious food, and watched tons of live music. Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful and the city itself had a unique vibe and style all it’s own. Of course, everyone knows the “keep Austin weird” slogan that really hones in on the cities style, but to us, we experienced more than that. If engaging with fun, interesting, and confident people who know themselves and what they want from life is what makes the city “weird”… then every city needs a little more “weirdness”.

I’m keeping posts extra short these days in an effort to post weekly (there is just so much going on). Below are some pictures from the trip so please enjoy, but I did want to say a little bit about the breweries before signing off. Gil and I went to several different breweries while we were there. The brewery scene in Austin is fantastic. If you like to travel for craft beer then you definitely need to add Austin to your travel plans. Not only is there a lot of breweries to choose from, but the town has developed into having for niche specific breweries as well. Plus, Austin has been growing at an alarming rate and the different areas of the city are developing their own styles and the breweries in each area add to that uniqueness.

We had a great time and highly recommend the city for not just it’s brewery scene, but in and of itself as well.

Austin Brewery Trip


– Make your Passion your Work, SlyePup

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