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Well, it’s been several weeks since I posted…

So there is no real excuse for not making posts a little more often. Life is about prioritizing the tasks and commitments you have on hand. Currently, there is a lot of tasks and commitments that have been going on and I have been giving my attention to them over the blog. I would love to get on a once a week post with this blog as it really is a great outlet to create (even if it’s just for myself really). I think we should always be creating in some way. Adding something to the world that didn’t exist before. It’s a unique rewarding feeling. I’m still doing that of course in other areas of my life. In fact, one of the tasks pulling me from this in my free time is a big project I’ve been working on (but I’m not quite ready to share that yet). Either way, I sat down to write an update post and that’s what I’m going to do.

Ever since Gil and I got married our world has been packed full of activities. Gil is still Nursing full-time and in school full-time to get her NP as well. October was an extremely busy beer month for Printer’s. We had festivals and events lined up all the time. It was also one of our biggest months yet in the market! November we had Jinc (my sister) and Ryan’s Wedding Shower, and a Thanksgiving trip to Asheville with the whole family (it was a blast). Late Nov and Early December we launched with a new distributor and opened a new market for Printer’s Ale. This meant tons of market events for the launch and meetings weeks before to make it all happen. The next week we had a snow storm and got 10+ inches of snow (the most I’ve ever seen in GA). We also had a special Imperial Stout (aged in Woodford Reserve barrels), bottle release party at Printer’s.

Jincey and Ryan got married in Andrews, NC in a long fun filled weekend with friends and family. It was at a beautiful location on top of a mountain with a sprawling complex centered by a manor house and sprinkled with cabins across the property for guests. The whole place was still dusted with snow, that made for a one of a kind mountain wedding experience. It was an amazing event! Our cousin Sarah and her husband Ben both came back from China to be there. The whole weekend was special for everyone and it was great getting to see them tie-the-knot.

The next week was back to the real world followed quickly by Christmas weekend which we spent at Gil’s family’s house this year. They mostly all live near Statesboro, GA where Gil and I met while attending Georgia Southern University. It was fun getting to see the family. Gil’s sister (Clair) and her husband are doing well, and their kids are really growing up and developing their own personalities. The food was amazing (it always is), all prepared by Gil’s grandparents who know how to make every southern dish just perfectly.

After getting back from Christmas, Gil and I buckled back down for the week and began preparing to host the Hall Christmas at our house. I bought my first home in August 2016 and thought it would be neat to finally host a Christmas. My parents came and Josh (my brother) and his family joined. Also, the newlyweds Jincey and Ryan were there, freshly back from their honeymoon. It was a fun time filled with white-elephant gift swapping and a competitive game of poop-the-potato (thanks again for the suggestion Ryan). It was pretty cool hosting our first Christmas and Gil nailed the cooking! It must be all those years learning from her grandparents (good job baby, you’re always amazing). The day after the Hall Christmas party was New Years Eve, and we joined some friends of ours at their place to say farewell to a mind-dizzyingly busy 2017 and ring in 2018.

2018 is not slowing down either. Just last week we released a new Hazy IPA at Printer’s and did the release in the taproom last night. Also, we are gearing up for another distributor launch in a couple months too. Next week, Gil and I are going to Austin, TX to experience a new city and see some craft breweries. There will definitely be a post about that. 2017 was a year filled with major milestones and moments that will be remembered for years to come. With the plans and goals Gil and I have put in place it looks like 2018 will be just as equally exciting, challenging, and most of all fulfilling. Happy 2018 everyone.

– Challenge Yourself, SlyePup

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