Beer Growler List

beer growler list

Beer Growler List!

It’s been a long day of work and errands this evening so this post is going to be super short because I got a lot to do tomorrow as well. I purchased a growler the other day for the first time. I’ve bought plenty of glass growlers in the past and still use them, but I decided to finally buy a nice one that was insulated and a little more portable. The insulation was the main selling point. I was tired of getting beer from the brewery home and it be warm (long commute). I researched quite a few growlers before I purchased one, here are a few that I found. All of which make a good solid beer growler list.


Classic Stanley

New Easy Grip Travel-Friendly Insulated

Keeps Beer Cold for 24 hours


Personal Growler Keg

Classic copper swing top

co2 dispensed growler

The Big Boss of Growlers 128oz


– Beer Up, SlyePup

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