Hall Wedding Video!

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The Hall Wedding Video is here!

Well, if you’ve been following this blog much you know that Gillon and I got married a couple months ago. It was a fantastic time and we enjoyed every moment. And, now we get to share that with you via our wedding video! A friend of ours name Douglas Cochran and his girlfriend Molly followed us around throughout the weekend and filmed the entire event, and then put together this awesome wedding video for us! Please enjoy the video below and if you ever are looking for a videographer please check out Doug’s website here. Doug really did a great job and captured all the major points from literally exchanging our vowes (so the other could read it) to us hanging out with friends and family (notice the craft brewery haha). He really told a story of the weekend and we¬†couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

In a funny way, the video he made of our wedding weekend is actually a sequel to a video Gil and I made of our relationship over the years. It’s a reenactment and an abridged version of course. It is a video we made to share with our guests as our official wedding invitations. Here it is below (notice how much better Doug and Molly’s is than mine haha).

Hope you enjoyed the Hall Wedding Video. We had fun making them. Also, one last note, with Thanksgiving only a couple days away I hope you’re taking time to relax and spend it with people you care about. All the best, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

– Be Thankful, SlyePup

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