New Post! I got married!

Gillon and I got married last month!

I made a post a couple months ago saying that new original posts would be sporadic until after I got married. Well, 2 weeks ago today Gil and I tied the knot in Hilton Head Island. Between everything at the brewery and the wedding planning leading up to the big day, I was a bit crunched on time to make new original SlyePup posts. But, now that the wedding and honeymoon are over I’m planning on making weekly posts moving forward. Today’s post will be a quick recap of the wedding and honeymoon with a few a pictures. In some future posts, there will be more wedding and honeymoon posts that will include videos.

Wedding in Hilton Head Island.

So almost 2 years ago I proposed to Gil at the 28 acres (a family property where we often visit). You can find a post about that here. A lot has changed since that day for both of us. New jobs, first house, new brewery, Gil’s back in school and plenty other milestones. It’s been a hectic couple of years, to say the least. But we did it together and we planned the wedding together, and I believe it went over very well. Gil and I have been together for over 9 years, we both changed and grown over those years. When it came to getting married we both wanted to share it with our closest friends and family in a smaller ceremony at the end of a long weekend celebrating with everyone. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we got. I’ll let the videos and later posts go into more detail, but here is a few photos from the weekend.


The first night of the weekend. My cousin Jared had to take a quick bar nap.

Gillon and my sister Jincey at the Rehearsal Dinner

Urchin Manor Compound

Our first dance!

Time for the reception

Gil watching me and my brother

Closed out the night with a song to Gil

It was a great weekend! Some of the photos are mine and some were done by our photographer (the good ones), her name is Krisandra Evans. She was fantastic! You can find her website and more pics from the wedding here.

The Honeymoon. Our Bahamas Cruise.

The day after the wedding we drove to Charleston to get on the ship for our cruise. Gil and I both like to keep very structured schedules in our lives so when we were thinking about the Honeymoon we decided to say screw it and do nothing. We figured a cruise where we couldn’t possibly have any commitments or appointments to keep would be perfect. Gil and I had never done a cruise before either so it would be another first for us. We really had a blast! It was great being alone with no distractions. We ate and drank and just hung out. I don’t know if it’s really our style of vacation in the future, but for this moment it was nice and easy. There will be a whole honeymoon video in a future post. So, for now, enjoy the pics!

So that’s it in a very brief nutshell. It was a wonderful time. I’m very lucky to have found a woman like Gillon. Stay tuned for more posts!


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