The 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse

It happened! The 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse, and we saw it!

That’s because most of the continental United States was able to see it, but we made an event out of it and had a fun time! Gillon and I went to Hilton Head Island last weekend to finalize Wedding Plans. We knew we were going to watch the eclipse, but since we got back early from our trip we decided to find a cool spot to watch it. I found a rooftop bar near our house and made reservations (we were lucky to get in, last minute). We were not sure if we’d be able to get solar eclipse glasses, so we made some pinhole view finders (see the pic below). These are cool little devices you can make from any box. They reflect the sun’s light so you can watch the eclipse without hurting your eyes. However, we were able to get glasses once we got to the bar.

Solar Eclipses are a pretty amazing event. They are the product of a cosmic coincident when the moon passes between the sun’s light and the Earth. This causes a shadow that reflects onto the earth. However, the moon’s orbit around earth and Earth’s orbit around the sun are not on the same plane so when and where a solar eclipse will be viewable varies greatly. There had not been a solar eclipse covering this much of the U.S. in 99 years. So Gillon and myself being space fans knew this was something we had to participate in. Unfortunately, we were not in the totality line (which is where the moon covers 100% of the sun), but we did see 98% coverage which was enough to make the sky go pretty dark. Also, having the solar glasses allowed you to really watch the moon pass by at different stages.

Watching the moon slowly drift across the surfaces of the sun was a pretty humbling moment. It makes you realize how vast this universe is and that we are lucky to be on a nice little life-sustaining planet that allows us to discover knowledge beyond it. That’s enough for tonight though, check out a few pics and a quick video we made below.

Once, again sorry for so few posts recently. Hoping to ramp back up to weekly posts once the wedding has happened.

– Space Up, SlyePup

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