Printer’s Ale Update – Old 320 Fest

The Printer’s Ale crew attended the Old 320 Beer Fest yesterday.

Every year Max Lagers Wood Fired Grill & Brewery puts on a fantastic beer festival called the Old 320 Fest. Lucky for us, we were able to attend! This is our second beer festival since opening in April, and we are having a blast. I’ve been going to beer festivals for awhile. First as a patron and then working a few with the distributor and now as an actual brewery. It really is surreal when I get to hang out at our booth and talk to people about the beer we are brewing. There are so many interesting people that come out to beer festivals. Some people are seasoned fest goers and others are still learning what styles of beer they really enjoy. Yesterday I spoke with a woman who had been to over 350 breweries and had made stitched over a 100 different brewery logos onto her jacket. Another man worked for a distributor for years and is now retired and volunteers at beer festivals for fun.

Another great part about being a part of the festival is getting to chat with the other breweries and taste their beers. Like I’ve mentioned in the past, people always told me that the brewing industry was 90% ‘jerk free’ and that seems to ring true. Everyone you talk to is willing to introduce you to someone or has a beer recommendation you have to try. Even outside of festivals most breweries are always willing to offer some advice or help out in a pinch. It’s very cool to be apart of a unique growing industry. I’m really looking forward to more festivals and seeing the GA beer market grow. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Gillon’s Out of Beer 🙁

– Drink Up, SlyePup

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