Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson

Einstien: His Life and Universe

A few weeks ago I finished reading a book about Einstein’s life. This wasn’t just a quick biography covering the highlights that most post people know, but an in-depth look at the man from youth until his death. Before reading this book I envisioned Einstein as the jovial scientist who would stick his tongue out for reporters or as a young man doing thought experiments about the universe at his desk in the German patent office. A brilliant scientist unraveling the mysteries of the universe with only his mind. Thanks to this book I discovered Einstein was a patent clerk because he could not get a job as a teacher at the time. After reading Walter Isaacson’s book I envision him as brilliant physist with a passion for math, who always challanged authority, and had his own obsticals in life.

Einstein Walter Isaacson

A glimpse:

Isaacson leaves no stone unturned when chronocialling his life. When I read biographies it almost feels voyeristic sometimes. You are getting into the most intimate parts of someone’s life (long after they’re gone in a lot of cases). In this book you learn about the amazing things this “demigod” of science accomplished, but you also discover that he had challenges in his life. Just like everyone. He struggled with his career, with relationships, his family. A lot of these problems were outside of his control, but many were his own creation. He was a bit arrogant. He could be the funnest person in the room (with a joke or playing the violin) and, at times, the most distant. However, he always tried to use his fame and knowledge for the good of the world and to help those around him.¬†Einstein considered himself a citizen of the world and preached that sentiment.

Einstein never stopped learning or allowing himself to grow with the times. Which is something I comendem him for and try to do in my own life. If you’ve ever been interested in Einstein and would like a comprehensive reading of his entire life I would highly recommend this book. You can find it on Amazon here.

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