Sit back sip a craft beer and enjoy these beer facts.

So it’s another busy weekend. Plenty going on with the brewery and some other projects I’m working on. Hopefully, soon I’ll get back into some more robust posts but for now please enjoy some of these beer facts.

  • Craft Beer is good for your bones! Beer has high levels of silicon, which promotes strong bones.
  • The United States is the second largest hop producer in the world (behind Germany).
  • Ancient Egyptian texts have been found that contain over 100 medicinal uses for beer.
  • In medieval Europe, the average person drank 220-250 litres of beer a year! As it had undergone fermentation, it was cleaner and safer to drink than the water.
  • The first professional brewers were women.
  • Hops have loads of health benefits and are supposed to help with joint inflammation, insomnia, respiratory spasms and indigestion. So drink up for your health!
  • A Beer Wave of 1.4m litres flooded London in 1814 after a huge vat carrying the equivalent of 3500 barrels of beer ruptured.
  • Yeast in beer converts into two things: ethanol (which attributes to the drunk feeling) and CO2 (which makes the bubbles).
  • In 2010, the world’s oldest drinkable beer was found on a Baltic Sea shipwreck. The ship is believed to have sailed over 200 years ago.

– Learn Up, SlyePup

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