U.S. Open Golf Facts

U.S. Open Golf Facts

Today is the final round of the U.S. Open Golf Tournament, and it’s Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day everyone! I know my Dad is watching the U.S. Open right now as they wind down to the final few. It’s been a very busy weekend for me with Printer’s so I’m going to keep this post short. For all you golf fans out there (like my Father) I figured I’d make a list of some interesting U.S. Open Golf Facts. Enjoy!

  • The first Open was held on October 4th, 1895 at Newport Golf Club, it had 10 professionals and one amateur who contended for the title over 36 holes in one day. Horace Rawlins would go on to shoot 91 and 82 to win the first Open.
  • John J. McDermott is the youngest player to win the US Open at 19 years, 10 months in 1911.
  • The 1912 U.S. Open, held at the Country Club of Buffalo, was the first and only Open course to feature a par 6.
  • Ray Ainsley, who played in the 1938 US Open, holds the record for highest score on one hole – 19 strokes on a par 4.
  • Jack Nicklaus started 44 consecutive U.S. Opens. Hale Irwin follows him with 34. Playing in different eras, both Gene Sarazen and Tom Kite made 33 consecutive starts.
  • Iowa club-pro Jack Fleck used Ben Hogan’s signature putter (personally delivered to him by the club’s namesake) to defeat Hogan in a playoff at the 1955 Open at Olympic Club; one of the greatest upsets in golf history.
  • Arnold Palmer has the greatest comeback in US Open final round history – he came back from 7 strokes off the lead in the final round to win the US Open in 1960.
  • Hale Irwin is the oldest player to win the US Open at 45 years and 15 days in 1990.
  • Four golfers have won the US Open four times: Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus.
  • When the subject of who shot the most under-par winning score in the U.S. Open comes up, it is usually forgotten that Alex Smith won with an amazing 33-under-par total in 1906. His 72-hole score was seemingly not that great, 295. But the course that year played to a par of 82 compared to the pars of 70, 71 or 72 of U.S. Open courses in the modern era.
  • Tiger Woods won the US Open by the largest margin ever in 2000 – 15 strokes.

Golf is an amazing sport and best enjoyed with family and friends.

Happy Father’s Day Dad.

– Golf Up, SlyePup

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