Printer’s Ale Update – Atlanta Summer Beer Festival

Atlanta Summer Beer Fest

Atlanta Summer Beer Festival is 1 week away and Printer’s Ale will be there!

Printer’s Ale is about to do it’s first ever Beer Festival! The Atlanta Summer Beer Festival is taking place next Saturday, June 17th and the Printer’s Ale crew will be there serving our brews. This is a big milestone for Printer’s Ale. I’m sure every brewery has the same excitement the first time they enter their first festival. It will be really interesting and informative to hear what customers have to say about the beer. And, to be at a festival with so many other awesome breweries I look up to.

This is also a big milestone for me. Like most brewery founders, I spent years going to festivals and talking to the breweries (and probably annoying them with questions haha). I looked at my time at festivals as a learning experience. Each brewery at the festivals I went to was unique and they had their own story. They also had their own style and I enjoyed learning what each had to offer. Working on the distributor side for years I was able to work a few beer festivals, but it will be a totally different experience getting to pour and represent the beer I helped create.

Hope to see you at the Atlanta Summer Beer Festival next Saturday. Follow this link for more info!

– Drink Up, SlyePup

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