Oconee Brewing Co. – Greensboro, GA

Oconee Brewing opened in Greensboro, GA!

In my early years of high school, my family and I moved out to Lake Oconee in Greensboro, GA. We spent nearly every weekend over the course of 2 years building a house on the lake. Seriously, we built it ourselves, from the foundation to the final punch list. It was an amazing experience, but that is a post for another day. Today I’m talking about how the little town I hung around in high school finally has its own brewery…

Oconee Brewing Co. opened their doors to the public May 6th, 2017. The brewery was Co-founded by the John & Nathan McGarity, a father, and son project development team who owned the 6000 square foot mill that would be renovated to house Oconee Brewing. The other Co-founder and Master Brewer is Taylor Lamm he has been a brewer for several years and also has brewing degrees from UC Davis and Siebel.

While building out Printer’s Ale through the course of 2016 I met plenty of other people starting their Georgia brewery ventures as well. I was lucky enough to meet all the Founders last summer and see the pre-renovated mill. I grew up in construction and since I was currently working on my own brewery project, I was able to grasp the vision they had for Oconee Brewing. Taylor and I kept in touch over the year and would cross paths in the field from time to time. It was nice getting to chat with someone else on a similar timeline. In fact, we opened our Tap Room doors only a week apart.

OCB Before

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there for the Grand Opening, but this past Memorial Day I went home to visit my family on Lake Oconee. Going by Oconee Brewing was a priority of the trip. It was amazing getting to see the completed brewery, especially being able to see how much it had changed. Taylor was there and he showed my family and me around the facility (after we grabbed some tasty brews, of course). The bar is fantastic, the production set up is well laid out, and very clean. The event space is where the brewery really stands out, to me. Half of the brewery is set up for events with exposed brick and large ceiling high windows that look out to a large patio. You could easily house over 140 people for whatever event you might throw. When there is not an event going on it doubles as space for patrons to hang out and play games and enjoy the OBC’s line up well-crafted beers.

To learn more about Oconee Brewing check out their website here. I wish the best of luck to the OCB crew and would just like to say thanks for creating a great brewery environment I can visit when I’m visiting home on the lake.

Family Pic

Event Space

Brother and Future Brother-in-Law playing Cornhole

Gil and I

Big Outdoor Patio

– Brew Up, SlyePup

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