Printer’s Ale Update – Beer Guys Radio Interview

Printer's Ale Growler - Beer Guys Radio

Printer’s Ale is on the Radio today! At 1pm on am920 in Atlanta.

A couple weeks ago we got invited to be interviewed on the Beer Guys Radio Show in Atlanta, GA. Beer Guys Radio is a radio show they put on weekly where they talk about craft beer news, the industry, and interview breweries. The show is hosted by Tim Dennis and Aaron Williams and launched in Jan 2016. Their Production Assistant is Becky Klein, and their Field Hoperative is Brian Hewitt. The team has amassed a sizeable following and are very active across social media and keeping their subscribers updated on local craft beer news. Seriously, their weekly email about what craft beer events are happening is one of the best and most consistent by far. You can learn more about them here. 

Printer's Ale Crew - Beer Guys Radio

I’ve been listening to their show for about a year (normally via podcast which you can find on iTunes). So it was pretty cool when they reached out to me for Printer’s Ale to be a guest. This past Thursday (May 18th) we visited their studio and met the crew. By ‘we’ I mean Greg Smith (Printer’s Ale Owner), Myself, and Brian Quinn (Head Brewer). It was a blast! I hadn’t been in a radio studio since college so that was pretty cool to see again. We all introduced ourselves and chatted and went over the format of the show. One really cool thing they did… was filmed us during the whole interview and played it on Facebook Live (you can watch that here), and people listening/watching were able to ask us questions. During the interview, we discussed building the brewery, the history, tasted some of our beers, and the future plans of Printer’s Ale. It was a fun time and I really appreciate it the entire Beer Guys Radio Crew having us out.

Printer's Ale - Beer Guys Radio

You can listen to the edited broadcast version today at 1pm on am920 if you live in Georgia, FM 92.9 if you live in Alabama, or on iHeartradio am920. If you miss it today, it will be on their iTunes Beer Guys Radio Podcast as well or on their webpage here. Hope you enjoy!

– Drink Up, SlyePup

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