Printer’s Ale Update – Grand Opening Celebration

What a month! April was packed with Printer’s Ale milestones!

So in the month of April we sold our first beer to our distributor (actually March 31st, but whose counting). We had our first beer in the market for purchase. Printer’s Ale did it’s first Pub Crawl around the Carrollton Square. We had several private events. We opened our Tap Room to the Public. And, to cap off this fun packed month we had a huge Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday April 29th. It was a lot of hard work for everyone involved with the Printer’s Ale team, but everyone did their part and I believe our first month was a big success.

Printer’s Ale Day

On April 29th the Mayor of Carrollton (Mayor Hollingsworth) came out to Printer’s Ale’s Tap Room to read a proclamation declaring April 29th as Printer’s Ale day. He also poured the first beer to start the day’s festivities. We had been planning the Grand Opening for several weeks, and promoting it heavily. We had 12 beers on tap, live music, several local food trucks, yard games and luckily for us the weather was beautiful. Over 600 people showed up for the event, and everyone seemed to have a blast. Greg (the owner), built some tables for outside, Brian gave tours, and the rest of the staff did their part, while I ran around making sure everything was running smooth. Aside from an initial long line (which we mitigated with a cash only line), I think everything went very well.

The Community

Why have we’ve seen so many new craft breweries over the past few years? Yes, people do like having variety in their beer, and choosing quality over quantity is becoming more popular. However, the foundation of a good craft brewery is as strong as it’s community, and ours has been fantastic! From the very beginning with getting our local license, and all through the building process the town and community have supported us. And, on the Grand Opening they came out in full force to show their excitement and enjoy the brewery. It was wonderful to see the town come out and set up tents, chairs, and layout blankets on the yard. People brought dogs and ate local food, all while listening to local music. And, it’s very special to be able to be the local beer they get to enjoy while doing all that.

It’s been a long year getting this brewery up and running, but it has been an amazing experience! And, now I get to look forward to all our future functions we plan. Here’s a few pics from the Grand Opening…

Big surprise visit from future family! Gil’s sister and husband

The Mayor pouring the first beer

My brother Josh and his family surprise visit!

– Work Hard, SlyePup


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