Printer’s Ale Update – Today We Open Our Tap Room!

Printer's Ale Tap Room

Our Tap Room is open for business today!

So in over a year and a half, this is the longest I’ve gone without making a post! It’s been almost 2 weeks. That’s my bad! In my defense we have been super busy at Printer’s Ale. Our beer launched in the market at the beginning of April! Also, I did take a nice week long vacation to celebrate. (It was a fantastic trip to St. Pete’s I hope to make a post about that soon.) And, we’ve been trying to get everything finished up to open our Tap Room. Plus, a many other responsibilities that must be taken care of for long term planning, and just basic day to day. However, having said all that I wanted to make this post to celebrate the milestone of opening our Tap Room. When I first started planning and prepping for everything it would take to build a¬†brewery, the far-off goal was to sit in the Tap Room and relax and have a beer. I plan to do that today… so it’s pretty exciting. Hate to keep this post so short, but I’ve got to get to the brewery!

Day 1 Beer Tap List

Printer's Ale in the market

Enjoying some Printer’s Ale in the market!

– Work Hard, SlyePup



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