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Elliott Hall Flying Lessons Atlanta

I took a flying lesson over Atlanta!

I turned 30 in February, and I wanted to do something I would always remember. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to fly plane. I thought it would be an amazing experience to fly above the clouds. So for my birthday I decided to make it happen. I found a cool place in Atlanta at Delkab County Airport called Centennial Aviation. They do flight training and charter planes. Capt Rohan is who I spoke with on the phone and he was great with helping me book and plan the flight. It was a great deal, and he told me I’d take-off, fly, and land the plane!

Up, Up, and away…

So the big day arrived one Sunday evening a couple hours before sunset. My fiancée’ Gillon came with me to ride along (because she’s fearless). Capt Rohan introduced me to our instructor Spencer. Spencer, was a nice guy who had been flying since he was 11 years old! He was a fantastic pilot and I’ll be honest… I was thinking I would get to fly the plane a little bit. Boy, was I wrong! Spencer, had me go through the entire check list, turn the plane on, talk to the tower, taxi, take-off, and fly. I almost completed the landing too, but to be fair he took the controls for touch down about 10 feet above the run way.

The experience was breath taking. Take-off alone was one of the most thrilling and exciting things I’ve ever done in my life. You feel the vibrations and hear the noise of the plane as you gain speed, and then the smooth gliding like feeling after your wheels leave the run way. Then the earth starts to get smaller as you break free into the sky! My fiancée’ asked me right after we reached our cruzing altitude what was it like, and in that moment I was nearly speechless. The runway faced downtown Atlanta so as we were taking-off I was guiding us toward the city I grew up around, and was soaring above it. The sky was clear and the sun was setting. We flew around for 45 minutes before returning to the airport. The high from doing that is one that lasts for days.

I’m definitely hooked. I really feel like I future goal will be to get a pilots license, because there is not much else that compares to that experience. If you live in Atlanta reach out to Centennial Aviation!

– Soar Up, SlyePup

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Pre-flight check list

Awesome Sunset

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