Printer’s Ale Update – In the Market Next Week!

We’re finally going to be in the market next week!

So after a year of hard work and pushing forward, I’m finally going to be able to have a Printer’s Ale in a bar! This is a very exciting moment for myself! To go from a brewery being nothing more than a thought, to pouring beer in a pint, is a long process. Greg asked me if I wanted to help him build a brewery in December 2015. He showed me the space (which needed to be completely renovated), and from there, we moved forward…

After that, I started researching brew systems and fermenters. Then, it was on to construction and renovation (floors, electrical, plumbing, etc..). Hiring a brewer (it took weeks for me to find the right hire), and learning the paperwork that went with hiring and having employees. HR and general business administration. Brewhouse construction schematics (and every piece of equipment in the brewery). Glycol lines & solenoid valves. How to build hop trellises and how to grow hops. All the legal sides of opening a brewery. Promoting yourself before you even had a picture of the brewery, at various functions (after I took out a side of the building for our front door all morning). Boiler specifications. Meeting with distributors. Learning brewery software. Cold calling breweries for help and advice (thanks to all of you!). Developing beer ideas, and a market/sales strategy. Designing a cold storage room. Building a tasting room, and installing a draft system. Putting out fires and fixing issues as they arise. Managing and guiding your employees as we grow. Pre-selling (and now really selling). Constant research on everything going on around you and for what is about to happen. And, then thousands of little things (and hundreds of big things) that need to be implemented. These little things are the details that actually make the broad statements above all come together and work.

Well I guess that was my quick reflection on the previous year at Printer’s Ale… haha.

What I’m trying to say is that, I’m very proud. Especially, of my team. Without their hard work and dedication to the brewery, this would not be possible. I’m looking forward to buying all of you a few Printer’s Ales next week. (And, all the honorary PAM employees too!)

I know I’m not the first person to build a business, and building a brewery is not rocket science. However, when I get to drink a Printer’s Ale somewhere at a bar next week, it’s going to be a very rewarding moment!

If you made it through this extra long reflective post haha, here are some new photos from the brewery. And, if you are in West Georgia you should be able to find our beer at some of your local bars and restaurants!

– Elliott

Tap Stickers! Here’s the 6 beers we are launching with.

Our Patio

The lounge

Gutenberg’s Gose’ with Hibiscus Tea & Lemon (Seasonal)


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