Georgia SB85 – Passed in the Senate

The Georgia State Senate passed SB85!

If you work in GA beer industry, or even just the alcohol industry in general then you’ve probably heard about SB85. For those who don’t, SB85 is a senate bill that would update the Georgia Brewery Laws and allow on-site sales for Breweries in Georgia. For the longest time, breweries have not been able to sell beer, but have offered samples of up to 36oz with the purchase of a souvenir glass and a tour of the brewery. Generally, these samples are dulled out over 6 – 6oz samples, allowing you to at least try a few of the said brewery’s available styles. Last year we did see the update of the law that allowed to-go sales up to 72oz, basically people could purchase a growler or 6pack to take home. In most other states in the nation, breweries are allowed to sell pints (and sometimes food), on premise.

With the passing of SB85 we are seeing some very amazing things happen in Georgia. This bill has the support from both the Brewers Guild and the Wholesalers Association, and it’s great to see both organizations working together to achieve this new law. The state government and it’s representatives have been great in helping to make sure this bill has support and is being moved through the legislative┬áprocess quickly. And, of course all the Georgia residents who want to see this law passed have been fantastic in getting the word out.

SB85 passed in the house with a vote of 147-14, and passed in the state senate 52-1. Once, the bill is signed into law by the governor you will be able to go to your local brewery and purchase pints much like a bar. Breweries will also be able to serve food, and you can purchase up to a case to take home as well. It’s a pretty exciting week to work in the Georgia Craft Brewing Industry. And, I’d like to thank all who were involved for making it happen.

– Drink Up, SlyePup

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