Creature Comforts – Koko Buni

Koko Buni

Picked up some Koko Buni from the growler shop… lets give it a try.

So I founds some Koko Buni on draft at the growler shop, pretty delicious. Koko Buni is brewed by Creature Comforts out of Athens, GA. I made a Good Beer Shout-Out post about their Tropicalia IPA, you can read that here. Also, in that previous post you can learn a bit about the actual brewery. Creature Comforts has been putting out a lot of good brews for a couple years now. When you hear about the Athens beer scene, they are always mentioned. Their Koko Buni Milk Porter is a returning favorite from last year. And I hope it will become a popular seasonal brew for years to come…

Koko Buni

Time for the beer…

Pouring from a same-day purchased growler, the beer is jet black in the glass. The head retention (couple fingers) is good and the barm coloring is light brown. The first thing I noticed with the aroma is chocolate and roasted coffee. Also, picking up some bready notes. Taste is fantastic, and you get flavors of vanilla and sweetness. There is a hint of coconut as well. The mouthfeel is creamy and full with lingering sweetness. I’ve had several porters this winter season, and this is definitely one of my favorites. It’s currently available in 12oz cans and on draft. If you want to learn more about the Koko Buni, check out the write up at the Creature Comforts website here.

Koko Buni

– Drink Up, SlyePup

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