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Abide Brewing Co. - Newnan, GA -

Abide Brewing Co. – Newnan, GA

Abide Brewing

Made a day trip to Newnan to check out Abide Brewing. Cool brewery.

This past Saturday my fiancée and I made a day trip to Newnan, GA. We knew we had to stop by Abide Brewing Co. when we did. Like I’ve said in the past her and I are both craft beer enthusiasts and we always find a brewery or 2 whenever we visit a town. I’d heard good things about Abide Brewing and couldn’t wait to try the beers and check out their facility.

Abide Brewing

3 friends, don’t quit their day jobs.

Abide was founded by 3 friends Matthew Kapusta, Evan Scanlan, and Philip Leonard. They have probably around 1000+ square feet they work with in and industrial complex. This area includes the roughly 3 barrel-system set up they have, and the tasting room. The tasting room has wall style seating, and a few community tables, and shuffle board! One of the best drinking bar games. The cold storage cooler is adorned with stickers from dozens of other breweries, always a cool shout-out. Outside the fun spills into the parking area with corn-hole boards and picnic tables set up for patrons. They opened their doors in 2013, and the three founders currently continue with their day jobs, brewing when they can around their schedules. This is one of the coolest things to hear when your own a tour. That sort of commitment is pure passion to the craft.

Abide Brewing

Abide Brewing

Abide Brewing Brews…

I’ll be honest I was having such a good time I didn’t keep notes and track every beer I had this time, but a few did stick out to me that I’d like to mention. The first beer I tried was the Common Cream Ale (as it was listed on the chalk board). It was very accessible and had a noticeable sweetness. Very easy drinking and a good beer to start the day. My favorite was the Brown’s Mill Brown. Which I’m assuming is a reference to the local Brown’s Mill Battlefield. I grew up one county over in Fayette so I’m familiar with the name. I also, tried the Baby IPA a sessionable IPA made with Glacier hops, which was very good. Unfortunately, I didn’t make notes on any of the other delicious beers I tried, so I guess I’ll have to go back and try again!

Abide Brewing

Abide is open every Saturday, go check them! For more information you can visit their website here.

– Drink Up, SlyePup

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