Creature Comforts – Tropicalia IPA

Creature Comforts Tropicalia

Found some Tropicalia IPA at my local beer shop, and yep its fantastic.

Tropicalia IPA is one of the most popular beers in GA right now. It is brewed by Creature Comforts out of Athens, GA. If you have never heard of Creature Comforts check out there website here. It’s a very cool brewery with a good story, located in the heart of downtown Athens. I’ve been to the brewery a couple times and their set up is very chill. The front has large garage doors that open to the street, and they have a court yard adjacent to the brewery where bands play and people can relax and sip good beer. Inside you can see the shiny stainless steel vessels that are producing the great beer you are drinking.

Also, last month the public learned that Creature Comforts would be opening another larger production facility to help accommodate for their growth. If you haven’t been to Creature Comforts, then plan a trip to Athens and see the brewery. If you live in Athens and haven’t been… that’s your own mistake.

Tropicalia IPA

Now onto the beer.

The Tropicalia IPA comes on draft and in 12oz cans. The imagery on the can is calm and inviting, while the bright colors help you notice it on a shelf. The beer pours a burnt orange into the glass, with a good barm. The smell (like it’s name) is tropical and juicy, with a hint of pine. Once you taste it pineapple, mango, and a light bitterness are prominent. It is very well balanced. The body is medium with good carbonation and it finishes dry. Overall a delicious IPA packed with juicy fruit and sweetness that make this beer very easy to drink.

Topicalia IPA– Drink Up, SlyePup

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