Printer’s Ale Update – Fed & State Approval

Exciting Printer’s Ale Update… We got our TTB license and the State of Georgia has approved our brewery!

Yesterday, we received a letter from the attorney with our official brewery licenses. It was a pretty exciting moment for the Printer’s Ale team. Everyone involved with Printer’s Ale should be very happy with all their hard-work and effort. We planned for this moment and will be ready to brew our first batch on Friday. I can’t state how much I have been anticipating this day.

Printer's Ale Elliott HallHowever, there is still plenty that needs to be accomplished over the next few weeks. We want to dial in recipes, get our tasting room opened, and get the beer in the market soon. These next few weeks are going to be challenging and hectic, but overall very rewarding. The moment, I can sit at the bar in the tasting room and have a glass of Printer’s Ale will be a happy one.

Hopefully, the next Printer’s Ale update I post will include an opening date!

– Work Hard, SlyePup

P.S. SB85 (a new bill to allow direct sales at breweries) passed in the state senate last week (49-2), on my 30th birthday. Pretty cool day. Now it’s moved on to the state house for a vote.


  1. RB

    I’ve been following your blog since I first heard about your brewery. I’m very excited for yall. I definitely want to attend the opening. I am a homebrewer in Douglasville and want to open a small brewery as a retirement plan in a few years. Glad they are finally starting to change the laws to make it easier for small operations to startup. I thought I would have to go to another state. I know you’re glad you’ll be able to SELL beer in your taproom in a few months. Looking forward to your grand opening, keep us posted.

    1. elliotthall (Post author)

      That’s so cool! Thanks for following. And yes it’s very exciting to see the laws changing. Best of luck with your future endeavor and if you ever have any questions, I’d be happy to help. Also, please come see the brewery when we open!


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