Wild Heaven – Height of Civilization

Wild Heave Height of Civlization

Went to Hop City in Atlanta to do some Christmas shopping for the brewery crew. While I was there I decided to get myself something as well…

Hop City is one of my favorite beer shops in Atlanta. I’ve been going there for years to purchase home brewing ingredients and supplies. They have a fantastic draft selection and hundreds of bottles. They also allow you to break apart six-packs, so you can really leave with a variety of brews. Hop City has also expanded recently and now have on-premise pint purchases available too. It’s pretty cool to be able to have a pint, while you wait for your ingredients or while you look over the beers. Luckily, they keep the beers very well organized so that helps hone in on exactly what you are looking to buy. I knew I wanted to try something new and local, and the Wild Heaven Height of Civilization’s label jumped right out on the shelf. And, after you read the label you have to buy one.

Wild Heaven Height of Civlization

I was very happy with my decision. The beer pours deep reddish brown, with a thin light head. As soon as you open the bottle and begin to pour it you can smell the dark fruit and the sweetness from the tequila aging. It really makes you want to take a sip… which when you do is very complex. You taste, the dark fruit, but also bread and malt sweetness. The high alcohol content (12%) is present, but not intense. The tequila aging goes well with the cocoa nibs addition. One thing that surprised me was all the earthy flavors from the hops, fantastic! Wild Heaven – Height of Civilization is a full bodied beer and enjoying it a little warm is recommended.  If you want to learn more about this beer click here.

– Drink Up, SlyePup

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