Beer Gear – Beer Koozie Edition

Whether it is summer or winter, it’s always good to keep a koozie around.

The beer koozie has been a tried and true method for keeping your beer colder longer in the summer, and your hand warmer in the winter. Koozie’s come in all shapes and sizes. A rather unique beer koozie will probably be brought up in conversation several times at a hang out. Koozie’s also have the added bonus of helping people distinguish which beer is theirs at a get together. Koozie’s are small, convenient, and can fit in a pocket or purse very easily. Next time you’re heading out to a BBQ or tailgate, don’t forget your beer’s best friend… the beer koozie. In the mean time take a look at some cool one’s you can buy¬†online (just click on the pic)…


Craft beer koozie

beer growler koozie

craft beer koozie

Damn Right…

coffee cup koozie

leather koozie

hop koozie

For the love of hops…

Tux Koozie

For those classy nights…

Shark Koozie

Shark Suds…


If you know of any other cool koozies out there in the world let me know and I’ll update the post.

– Drink Up, SlyePup

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