Dragon’s Milk Reserve – New Holland Brewing

Dragon's Milk Reserve

Time for a beer post… finally.

The other day I realized I hadn’t made a brew review post in over a month! Well, it’s time to remedy that with a nice stout from a popular Michigan brewery. The Dragon’s Milk Reserve Stout from New Holland Brewing Company.

New Holland Brewing Company was founded in 1996 in Holland Michigan by¬†Jason Spaulding and Brett Vander Kamp. They grew up together and had a shared passion for homebrewing that they turned into a professional¬†career. They have been very successful over the past 20 years seeing substantial growth and have grown New Holland into multiple ventures including brewpubs, restaurant, and distillery. The distillery was founded in 2005 and produces artisanal spirits under their label. I’ve never been but it could probably take a whole weekend to visit their multiple facilities. If you want to learn more about the brewery click here.

Dragon's Milk Reserve

Dragon’s Milk Reserve

From the bottle, the beer pours almost solid black. The head is very thin and it’s brown color dissipates¬†quickly. The aroma I caught was cookies… crispy cookies, and also chocolate and cappuccino. The first sip was bready and you really got a chance to taste the characters of the barrel aging. With the rich stout flavors of vanilla and roasted coffee mixed with the notes of bourbon you’re really getting a treat. The body was thick and full with mild carbonation. This is a beer you drink slow on a cold night by a fire and just enjoy the complexity of its flavors. Very good, probably one of my favorite barrel aged stouts I’ve had this year.

– Drink Up, SlyePup


  1. Gillon

    This beer sounds fantastic! Where can I get one in Atlanta?

    1. elliotthall (Post author)

      I found mine at Hop City in West Midtown. They have a great selection of craft beers


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