Georgia Brewery Tours 2017

Georgia Brewery Tours

How many Georgia Brewery Tours can I hit in 1 year? How many breweries will be opening in 2017 to add to the goal?

Over the past year, I have made over 100 posts to this (mostly) craft beer blog. That was a goal I set last year when I started this blog. Some of the posts have been long and well written (I believe), and some have been… fast and loose (if I’m being honest). Also, one of my articles was published on one of the biggest craft beer news websites in the country. With these achievements, I would even say I call myself a writer now (amateur yes, but still a writer). I’m proud of both of these achievements and for reaching my goal. However, I feel a goal is not truly completed until you have achieved it and then replaced it with another ambition to continue forging you ahead.

This is not to say, don’t take a moment to appreciate what you have accomplished, just don’t let the allure of the finished job allow you to believe there is nothing else to be done. On that note…

I’ve decided on a new goal that I hope will fall in line with this blog nicely. Starting now, I am going to make it an objective to go on as many Georgia brewery tours as I can over the next year in my home state.

I will then write an article on this blog about my visit and experience at each brewery. I haven’t decided exactly how these articles will be structured but one could expect: history of the brewery, notes on the setup and size of the facility, beers tasted, discussions with owners/brewers etc… These articles will all be compiled here on SlyePup under a new section devoted exclusively to this series.

Why? (Other than having a reason to drink great local beer…)

As anyone who reads this blog or who knows me, I’m currently building a brewery in the state of Georgia. I worked for several years in the alcohol industry and curtailed that knowledge and experience into opening a brewery. For the past year, I have been putting enormous effort into getting this brewery ready, and it has been by no means easy. Long hours, sweat equity, and sleepless night are just some of the tribulations of creating any business from the ground up, and opening a brewery is no different. That may sound like complaining but it’s not meant to be. This past year has been one of the most challenging, yes, but without a doubt, unexplainably rewarding. When Printer’s Ale finally opens its doors and I get to enjoy that first sip of beer, it will be one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

I have learned first-hand the hard work that other people had to do to build their breweries and to help blaze the trail for every brewery that came after them. I would like this series of articles to show the passion people had to pursue their dreams and to help document the story of our Georgia Craft Breweries as well as my appreciation to those brewers, entrepreneurs, brewery reps, and dreamers of the Georgia craft beer scene, who took a chance and believed in themselves. Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know a lot of these people and they each have a unique story to tell. I hope in some small way I can help share these stories through this series.


– Goal Up, SlyePup

Click here to see the most recent brewery I visited and go to the Georgia Brewery Tours 2017 series page.





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