Printer’s Ale Update – Miscellaneous

Printer's Ale Update

Another month of knocking stuff out at the brewery so here is a quick Printer’s Ale Update.

I can’t believe it’s December already! This year has been flying by so fast, and November wasn’t any different. The last Printer’s Ale update I did was a month ago. We’ve been putting in a lot of hours at the brewery, and some things are really coming together because of that hard work. Hopefully, in a few weeks, I’ll be able to make a post about our beer! However, until then here is what has been going on at the brewery over the past month.

Printer’s Ale Update

  • The brewhouse is all hooked up! The guys at Fruition finished up mid-November.
  • Our Carbon Filter is tied into to our water lines for the brewery and wash down stations! (And our ginormous trench drains are working well)
  • We’ve done our glycol drops and hooked up the chiller (solenoids valves are tied in as well)
  • Our Keg Washer showed up finally! Should be able to clean around 25-35 kegs per hour.
  • The boiler was delivered and is being installed as we speak. They are tieing in all the steam piping to the brewhouse and HLT.
  • We hired an Asst. Brewer to help make great beer, and a Sales Rep to go out and sell it!
  • We’ve been doing more work in the tasting room, and there is still plenty to do.
  • Still discussing and meeting with distributors.
  • Working on finalizing our draft wall set up & design.
  • Cold Storage: We have spray foamed the entire room and I have built the door and spray foamed it. We still need to hook up the evaporator and condenser. Then I’m going to mount the door like a barn door on a track so it will roll easily.
Printer's Ale Update

Some draft wall examples

Printer's Ale Update

Spray Foaming the Cold Storage Room

Printer's Ale Update

Pouring Concrete

Printer's Ale Update

Boiler… this thing is going to produce a lot of steam!

Printer's Ale Update

Did some framing in the tasting room

Printer's Ale Update

Keg Washer Ready To Go


Running Piping through tasting room

Printer's Ale Update

Fruition Guys Finished up the Brewery Welding… Thanks again

There is plenty more that has been going on, but there is still so much more to do so I need to get back at it!

– Work Hard, SlyePup

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