Thanksgiving or Black Friday Eve?

Black Friday

Well, Black Friday is here again, so get ready for some memes…

I’ve never really participated in a Black Friday shopping. The idea of camping out for hours in front of a store front with strangers, and then pushing and shoving my way into a store to potentially get in a fight with someone so I can save $50 on something I probably don’t need… not my style. However, I have friends who never miss the pseudo-holiday. So, love it or hate it Black Friday has become an American tradition, and that means we can meme it up. Enjoy!

Black Friday





Black Friday Puppies





R.I.P. Gene


So for all those people like me who would rather not participate in the trials and tribulations of Black Friday, enjoy your Friday. If you are still on the fence and feel like you need to participate, then here is a link to some online Black Friday deals.


Save Up, SlyePup

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