100th Post! Helicopter Ride

Helicopter Ride

I can’t believe this is my 100th post on SlyePup. So let’s do it big!

A little over a year ago I started this blog. It was something I always wanted to do and achieve, so I made it a personal goal. I wanted the blog to be centered around craft beer and my life in the beer industry. While I’ve held true to that for the most part, this blog has also become a place I can post about any aspect of my life. Over the past year, so many things have happened; getting engaged, buying a house, starting a brewery, and much more. So many exciting events and challenging tasks were achieved, and I’ve categorized a lot of these moments on this blog. And, I plan on posting many more events and completed goals in my life, so stay tuned.


Gil before take off


Helicopter Ride over Atlanta.

I wanted to surprise Gillon (my fiancee) with something this month. Something we’ve both never done, and something a little adventurous. Sitting in traffic on the freeway (it’s inevitable in Atlanta) I’ve always watched the helicopters above us and wondered what their view of the city must be like. I found a great deal for a two person helicopter tour of Atlanta. Gil had no idea until we were at the airport. One of the coolest parts about the tour was Gil & I got to fly around the Queen and King buildings in North Atlanta. These two buildings are some of the most uniquely designed buildings of the city skyline and have always been personal favorites of ours.

helicopter ride

King & Queen Buildings

The ride was such a unique experience. It was almost like floating. I kept comparing it to Willy Wonka’s glass elevator. Our pilot (Bryan) was fantastic and the company was called Prestige Helicopter Tours. The day was beautiful for a ride, there was not a cloud in site. You could see out across the horizon for miles. One thing I didn’t realize was how many trees there were in Atlanta. The skyscrapers of the city almost seem like metal trees growing out of a forest. Plus, the leaves are changing in Georgia right now so the colors of red, amber, and brown were scattered across our expansive view. It was really a perfect experience, flying over my home city, with my fiancee after a long eventful year was great. Atlanta has been a wonderful town, and it was wonderful to see it from above.


If you haven’t ever been in a helicopter, find a tour in your area or on your next vacation. I definitely know this is something I’m going to be doing again!

Helicopter Ride

Good Times

– Goal Up, SlyePup

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