Juiceless IPA – Wicked Weed & Creature Comforts Collab

Wicked Weed Juiceless IPA

I tried the Wicked Weed Juiceless IPA! Been excited about making this post for awhile!

So I tried the Wicked Weed Juiceless IPA a few weeks ago. Things have been so busy at the brewery and with wedding planning that I haven’t been able to post it. However, I took some notes when I tried it and a couple pictures so I get to make the post now. Wicked Weed is fantastic brewery located in Ashville, NC. I have done a previous post about them where I go into detail about the brewery. You can find that post here. The Juiceless IPA is a collaboration with the crew over at Creature Comforts Brewing Co. in Athens, GA. Creature Comforts is also well known, for their outstanding beer. They offer a variety of excellent beers, but their IPA Tropicalia is by far the most prominent. So when people found out these two breweries were doing a collaboration they were obviously excited, myself included.

Juiceless IPA

I finally found the Juiceless IPA on tap at Hop City in Atlanta. A great local beer shop that has on-premise serving, growler fills, and the largest variety of craft beer in the state. It was an easy call between the 64oz or the 32oz growler decision. The Juiceless IPA poured a straw golden color into the glass from the 64oz growler. The beer left a substantial head that dissolved slowly back into the beer. Ripe tropical smells abound from this beer as it mellows in the glass. Pineapple, peach, and grapefruit are just a few of the notes offered. Those same rich fruits along with others are prominent in the taste along with caramel and a little piney/resin flavors. Maybe, a bit of bread as well?  Finishes fast and very dry, with a medium body, but a surprising amount of carbonation.

The cleverly named, Juiceless IPA creates a fantastic ripe rich juicy IPA without any fruit. This collaboration between Wicked Weed and Creature Comforts has left patrons wondering what’s next?

– Drink Up, SlyePup


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