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Wedding Update - Hilton Head Visit -

Wedding Update – Hilton Head Visit

wedding update

The wedding is only 11 months away! Time for a quick wedding update.

So, I’m riding back in the truck right now and Gil & I are exhausted. But, I realized I needed to do my weekend post. What better time to do a post about a wedding update than after a full wedding planning weekend! We went to Hilton Head to look at venues, restaurants, and wedding weekend locations. We figure we should get all the big stuff like that set and figured out. So that way we can manage more of the smaller stuff from home via the phone and internet.

I’m sure we will have to make a couple more trips over the next several months, but this trip was special because my parents joined us. We were actually supposed to go down last weekend, but Hurrican Mathew ravaged the east coast and Hilton Head was evacuated. The community did a great job getting the island back up and running in only a few days. However, you could still see how hard the Island got hit. Trees were split in two, houses flooded, and whole roofs were split open. It’s really amazing what mother nature can do. However, all the locals were positive and just happy to be back on the island. I guess living on the beach instills a relaxing demeanor.

Seriously, we chatted with one home-owner as he was cleaning out his first floor of nearly all the furniture, his overall response and attitude was light-hearted and calm. All the locals were positive and just happy to be back on the island. I guess living on the beach instills a relaxing demeanor. The resilience of the locals was inspiring to see, and also reminded you to enjoy the good moments in life.

Most places on the island had reopened, and we took advantage of that. My parents, Gillon, and I must have hit a dozen different locations as we searched the island for areas and spots we liked. The Island is full of awesome restaurants and stores, and we have narrowed down a lot of options. Also, we went and saw our wedding venue location (probably), my parents really liked it. Hopefully, the ideas and scenarios we ran through will be able to come to fruition next September.

wedding update

wedding update

Thanks again to my parents for helping with everything. I’m sure there will be another wedding update post in the future. We still have plenty to do.

– Hitch Up, SlyePup


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