Always Include a Cover Letter

Maybe people seriously don’t know, but you should include a cover letter if it’s requested.

So I’ve been doing interviews for a couple positions recently. I am baffled by the amount of people who do not include a cover letter. The job applications clearly state to have a cover letter. Also, they ask a preliminary question to be answered in the cover letter. If someone is going to take the time to apply for a job, why wouldn’t they want to stand out? A cover letter allows you to do that. It can show a little personality. It helps you address things on your resume, or give insight.

I understand being busy, but looking for a job is important and should be treated as such. You are going to devout a large portion of your life to where you work, searching for one shouldn’t be done half-heartedly. However, I get it we are busy in this modern world. Still, the internet is full of templates and boilerplate cover letters for nearly every industry. Grab a couple and make small changes for each job. Seriously, if you can’t find a generic cover letter for the job you are looking for then… your job is probably pretty cool, and you should write a cool cover letter.

Honestly, I’m not so old school that I will immediately throw your job application out, but I am already building a negative mental picture of what kind of employee you will become. And, that’s not the interviewer’s fault. It’s the fault of all the other job applicants who are making you look bad. The applicants who took the time to write great cover letters and who read the job posting completely. They show that, before they are even employed, they want to succeed at whatever they are doing; even if it’s just going the extra step in a job application they may never get a response from.

If you need to find some boilerplate cover letters click here.

– Work Hard, SlyePup


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