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Barrel Aged Sticky Stout

A delicious new release from the brewers over at Red Hare the Barrel Aged Sticky Stout

I’ve been drinking Red Hare beers a while now, and it’s great to see all the unique beers they keep coming out with. The most recent beer I’ve had from them is the Barrel Aged Sticky Stout. In Georgia, we have had a few mildly cooler days. Those few days are the only excuse I need to break out the dark beers. So thanks, Red Hare for having this one ready!

The beer is dark almost completely black upon pouring. The barm is off white and maybe even a few hints of brown in color. The head dissipated quickly and you are able to smell the chocolate, tobacco and whiskey aromas prominent in this beer. Once you take a sip you get toasty malts and sweet subtle notes on the pallet as well as vanilla with caramel. As with most barrel aged beers, you receive a bit of oak with the overall taste that is pleasant. The Barrel Aged Sticky Stout finishes with a medium to heavy mouthfeel and medium carbonation.

Barrel Aged Sticky Stout poured in glass

If you are not familiar with Red Hare’s beers then you should know that this Barrel Aged Sticky Stout begins as one of their seasonal releases called just ‘Sticky Stout’ that has then been aged in barrels. The Sticky Stout itself, just won a bronze medal in the U.S. Beer Open Championships this past summer of 2016. Check out my post on all the Georgia winners. So, imagine a medal winning delicious stout aged in Tennessee Whiskey Barrels. Yeah, I know… sounds pretty damn tasty. Don’t miss out on this awesome limited release. Find you a couple of tall boys of the barrel aged sticky stout today, if you still can.

– Drink Up, SlyePup

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