Green Blaze IPA – Long Trail Brewing Company

Green Blaze IPA

I wonder how the tasty Green Blaze IPA got its name…

The other night I was able to try a couple of Green Blaze IPA from Long Trail Brewing Company. My awesome sister brought me a couple back from our cousin’s wedding in Vermont (thanks Jinc!). She actually brought me back a few different beers, but some ended up leaking on the flight. So I’m attaching this link on how to travel with beers for anyone who might be attempting to travel with some brews via air. That link just might keep your clothes from getting beer-soaked the next time you fly.

I’m going to change it up a bit with this post and review the beer first and then talk about the brewery. The Green Blaze IPA pours a golden copper color with about 2 fingers worth of slightly off-white barm. The nose on it has prominent citrus fruits and piney-ness. When you taste the beer you catch very similar flavors as you do from aromas, but with the addition of some good bitterness. It finishes with a medium body, medium carbonation and a little dry. Overall, fantastic IPA (thanks again Jinc) I really wish this was available in the South East. I think it would be a great beer for the warmer Georgia winters.

Green Blaze IPA

Green Blaze IPA is brewed in Bridgewater Corners (what a cool name), Vermont at the Long Trail Brewing Company. Long Trail originally opened in 1989 under the name Mountian Brewers, but changed to Long Trail in 1995 when they moved to a bigger facility near the actual “Long Trail” a 230+ trail that runs through Vermont and coincides (for a large portion) with the Appalachian Trail (a 2000+ mile hiking trail that stretches from North GA to Maine). Long Trail is a regional brewery and predominantly makes English-style Ales. However, this Green Blaze IPA is a great example of an American IPA.

White Blaze

As far as the name…

Avid hikers and outdoors types have probably figured it out. For the rest, the name is a play on words. Along the entire stretch of the Appalachian Trail, there are white markers to signal you are on the trail. The white markers are called white blazes. So the Green Blaze IPA is a play on this hiker term and the green hops that make this beer great.

– Hike Up, SlyePup

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