Printer’s Ale Update – Production Area Painted!

Printer's Ale Production Room

Another Printer’s Ale Update!

I’m hoping I’ll be able to do Printer’s updates more often, now that things are really moving at the brewery! The last update (click here to read), was about putting up a couple of walls, working on logos and tap handles, and the painting was about to begin. Well, now we have finished the painting in the production room!

Printer's ale update - paint done

Two tone…

After months of paperwork and meetings, it’s great to see the brewery start to change. The next step (in the production area) is the floors which I finalized today with a company experienced with breweries and who came recommended¬†from some close contacts. While the painting and flooring don’t have anything to do with actually brewing the beer, once they are both in it will be very rewarding to see the “shell” of the production area take shape. You can tell everyone involved with the brewery is getting excited again about the weekly changes.

Once the floors are completed then we can start to take all of our tanks and stand them up in place. I’m really looking forward to this milestone. Once, the tanks are in place it will really start to look like a brewery. I’ve been able to show family and friends the facility and they are always happy and excited to see the space, but you can tell they really want to see “the brewery” and who can blame them. Because without the equipment set up, it’s really just an empty room haha.


Well, that’s all for now. Tomorrow is going over equipment install quotes and speaking with plumbers about the tasting room.

– Work Hard, SlyePup



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