Beer Wear – Cool Craft Beer Hats

Beer Wear hat edition!

Time for a new hat? Don’t have a cool craft beer hats? Or do you just need another piece of clothing with a hop on it? Then you’ve come to the right place. Check the full line of cool craft beer hats I’ve found from around the web. Click on the picture to find out where to purchase them.

Hop Bomb Trucker Hat

You already know the friend who needs this… maybe it’s you.

barely water hops and yeast

Barely, Water, Hops, & Yeast… Yep

fueled by craft beer hat

And maybe pizza and tacos…

new belgium hat

A classic cap from a great company

green hoppy trails

Green buds are the best…

Good to the last hop

oh yeah

– Suit Up, SlyePup

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