Cotton Tail Orange Creamsic-ALE – Red Hare Brewing

Red Hare Creamsic-ALE

Damn… they really nailed it with this beer.

So I went to one of my favorite breweries to attend this past weekend, Red Hare Brewing Co. Red Hare has had a good summer. Just last week they celebrated their 5 year anniversary. And earlier this summer the really swept the US Beer Open. Bringing home 5 medals and ranked as the 4th best brewery at the competition in the U.S. One of which was the Watership Brown, my personal favorite from their core line up. It’s great to see them get to enjoy some rightfully earned recognition. Red Hare has always made beers for drinking, they haven’t always tried to create the craziest new one-off or seasonal. They make beers you can enjoy all day and give you enough year round options you don’t get bored. So it was nice to see those brews recognized and given their just appreciation.

That being said, lately, Red Hare is diving into creating more unique beers. One of which is the fantastic Creamsic-ALE. You read that right it’s a creamsicle beer. Just like the orange creamsicle pops you had when you were a kid. The good thing is now you can relive that childhood memory with a beer in your hand instead of the sticky orange syrup. The beer’s new can is eye-catching and distinct, and once you’ve had this beer you’ll be looking for it.

Creamsic-ALE Can logo

The beer pours a hazy bubbly cream color into the class.

The barm was at least 3 fingers. The aroma is an almost exact match to the creamsicle-pop of your youth. Seriously, I’m baffled how they got this spot on. The taste is the with strong vanilla and sweet orange flavors. The mild breadiness and hops are there but minimal. The beers name rings true in taste. Mouthfeel is medium with strong carbonation. This is my ideal picnic beer, perfect as a sweet treat in the sun after a plate of hot dogs and hamburgers. Great job Red Hare!

Also, readers you can learn more about Red Hare and the Creamsic-ALE on their website.


– Drink Up, SlyePup

P.S. Happy Birthday to my fiancee Gil… guess what you’re getting instead of cake haha

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