Printer’s Ale Update

Boiler Room Wall & Painting

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Printer’s Ale update.

Last week we built our firewall for the boiler room and they started painting the production area of our brewery. We are also renovating some of the existing walls and doors right now as well. The painting should be finished by late next week, and then we will start the flooring. We ended up going with a polyurethane substance called flowcrete (you can learn more about it here). After the floors are all done we will be able to stand up all the shiny equipment we have stored. Everyone involved with the brewery is getting very excited about that for sure. Also, once the floors are done we will be able to set up our pilot system.

Printer's Ale Update Shiny Ferms

Shiny Tanks already to go…

But that’s not all!

We are also having some tap handle and logo concepts made up. They are coming along very nice and hopefully soon I will be able to post some of the cool artwork for the logo. Our head brewer Brian is working on recipes for our core brands and we are having some fun brain-storming some of our seasonals and one-offs. Each day there are exciting new challenges to achieve. I feel like we’re getting there one day at a time, however, there is still tons to do and accomplish before we get to enjoy the first beer, but that’s all part of the fun. Hope you enjoyed the Printer’s Ale Update you can also follow us on twitter @printers_ale

– Work Hard, SlyePup

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