‘Merican Amber Ale – Jekyll Brewing

Merican Amber Ale

A good American Amber Ale is one of my favorite styles, so the ‘Merican Amber Ale by Jekyll Brewing should be right up my alley.

Jekyll Brewing Company was the first brewery formed in Alpharetta, GA (about 10 miles north of Atlanta). They owe their name to a brewery founded in 1738, that holds a claim to be the first brewery in the “deep south.” Josh Rachel and Michael Lundmark are the Co-Owners of Jekyll Brewing and they opened the doors to the brewery in 2013. Since then they have had successful growth in the Atlanta area and beyond. They have a great selection of year round beers which you can find here, and a growing number of specialty releases and one-offs.

I have been to the brewery a few times. It’s located in a light industrial park complex that it shares with a few other companies. One thing I love about this brewery is there is plenty of parking, which isn’t always the case in Atlanta. The inside is not overly decorated but has a great chill atmosphere. You can play giant Jenga, pinball or just hang at the hightop tables with friends. Painted on their back wall in the tasting room is dozens of names in various sizes. These are all contributors who helped fund their tasting room build out, pretty cool stuff. The people behind the bar serving all the tasty brews have to offer are incredibly nice and very knowledgeable about all the beers they are serving.

Jekyll brewing tasting room

Move on to the ‘Merican Amber Ale already

I’m a huge fan of American Amber Ales and the ‘Merican Amber Ale doesn’t disappoint. With 49 IBUs and an ABV of 5.8% it’s a full beer. Earthy smell with a bit of pine and maybe citrus. You can definitely taste the hops, but the sweetness and caramel comes through as well (maybe a little toast too). Full bodied beer for an Amber, medium carbonation and dry at the end. This ‘Merican Amber Ale is right up my alley and I will be telling my Amber drinking friends to look out for it.

– Drink Up, SlyePup

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