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Mr. Beer Kit

I realized the other day that we owe a lot of great beer to the Mr. Beer Kit

I don’t mean that the best beers in the world are made with a Mr. Beer Kit (although they hold their own for sure). What I mean is that more often than not when I’m listening to a brewer or a brewery owner talk about the first time they ever brewed, you almost always hear them say it was on a Mr. Beer Kit. So it makes me wonder how many brewery’s openings and industry professionals career paths were inspired by a Mr. Beer Kit gift or purchase? If you are in the industry and reading this then I’m sure right now you’re remembering the half a dozen times you’ve heard someone say that exact thing.

It further amazes me how small normally arbitrary moments in our lives lead to so many potential paths. In this case, someone is given a simple gift by a friend or relative who maybe once heard them mention they liked craft beer. The next thing you know the recipient is upgrading their beer kit with DIY attachments they found online and becoming a bonafide homebrewer.

Of course, it’s not just with homebrewing, this happens all the time. Maybe it’s a new pair of shoes that makes you want to get back into shape or a book that changes your outlook on something you never thought about before. As I write this I can tell I’m getting away from my original post. I honestly just wanted to give a shout out to the Mr. Beer Kit company because I feel we really do owe them for being the catalyst for a lot of good beer being made today. But I guess that is what I’m talking about you never know what interactions or events can change your life and lead you down an unexpected path.

So embrace life. Be smart about it, but don’t fear the unknown or new experiences. They may lead to the best destinations.

– Brew Up, SlyePup

P.S. You can get a Mr. Brew Kit here for less than $50. Start your brewing story today.


Mr. Beer Kit

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