50 Medals and now a Wolf Brewing Company

Wolf Brewing Company out of Harrisburg, PA is a unique brewery. One of its most unique features is that it’s not a brewery… yet!

Wolf Brewing Company is a homebrew team led by Head Brewmaster Derek Wolf and his wife Elaine Wolf. In only the last few years they have secured an award from every state in the nation for their homebrews. Garnishing their last needed award only a few weeks ago. You can check out all their awards here. This alone is an outstanding achievement and Wolf Brewing Company should feel proud of the accomplishment. For Derek, it has to be extra exciting because now it means him and his wife will be opening a Brewery/Restaurant soon. Apparently, they made a deal that if Derek could win a medal in every state then they would open a brewery together.

I’ve been a homebrewer for years so learning about Wolf Brewing Company and hearing their unique story really cool. Homebrewing generally begins as a simple weekend activity. Maybe after your first couple stove-top brews you read a few articles online about more advanced brewing. Then you discover yourself talking about craft beer constantly and buying new upgrades to your brewhouse one piece at a time. The next thing you know you have a few different beers fermenting at the same time and you have to work your friend’s event into the brew schedule you offered to supply with tasty brews. But in the end, there is nothing like cracking open a bottle or pouring a pint (if you’ve advanced to kegging) of beer you made yourself and sharing it with those close to you.

Congratulations to Wolf Brewing Company and best of luck to the future business. I look forward to trying your beers.

You can learn more about Wolf Brewing at their website here.


  1. Derek & Elaine Wolf

    Just saw your post about our goal of a homebrew award in every state. Thank you very much for the kind words and support! Cheers!!

    1. elliotthall (Post author)

      You’re very welcome. I’ve worked in the alcohol industry for several years, and y’alls story and journey is one of the best I’ve read about. Best of luck. Will there be a Wolf Brewery opening anytime soon?

      1. Derek Wolf

        Thanks Elliott! We are still searching for the perfect spot. Hopefully very soon! Cheers!

        Derek and Elaine Wolf

        1. elliotthall (Post author)

          That’s great, please keep me posted I would love to try the beer sometime. Also, I’m just finishing up building out our brewery (hopefully opening Jan 2017) so if you ever have any questions please feel free to ask.


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