Thinking & Drinking Game Review

Thinking and Drinking Cards

How can you not buy a game called Thinking and Drinking if your a beer nerd?

The other day I bought a card game online called Thinking and Drinking. As most of you know I’m opening a brewery this year and while there are degrees of fun to getting flooring quotes, pricing out glycol instals, and checking out bottling lines it’s nice to get to think about the future and the tasting room sometimes. The tasting room is where people will come to hang out, socialize, try unique brews and hopefully, play a few games.

So when I saw this game online, I knew I needed to give it a try and see if it would make the list of brewery games in-house. It’s not every day you see a card game with drinking right on the box. Not only that but they also feature a brewery and one of their beers on every card. I thumbed through the cards before playing just so I could see some of the breweries they featured. After I ordered it from their website (here) the game arrived in 2 business days, and it came with a note prompting you who to call if you had any questions or concerns (always a nice touch).

Brewery set of drinking and thinking

Brewery Set

My mom was coming into town to visit and see the brewery for the first time, so my fiancee and I waited to play the game until she arrived. I’m glad we did, because the game was a blast. The game is simple it’s just decks of cards that have a different question on each card. Everyone must answer the question and that’s it. What inevitably¬†happens is you go down interesting and unexpected tangents, and learn more about each player. Some cards get a little deep, but not crazy deep. I did learn that my mom saw Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin in concert, that was pretty cool.

Thinking and Drinking Cards

My deck of cards

The game is really just about starting conversation¬†and the cards give you interesting topics so you don’t make boring small talk. Perfect for playing with new acquaintances or old friends and family. I will be purchasing a couple decks to put around the tasting room at Printer’s. If you want to learn more about the game check out their website here. Who knows maybe one of Printer’s beers will be on a card in the future.

Also click here if you’d like to purchase your own set today! You won’t be disappointed.

– Play Up, SlyePup

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